Meet, DAIA.




To stay efficient, every company will need to go through the Cloud Adoption Journey in the next few years.

It is a fact.

In the same way Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI Ops strategies are the tools companies need to take advantage of automation and real analytics to solve problems and make decisions.


Even though Cloud adoption looks like the super right move, many businesses today are facing a time to fight against high cloud spending, due to the lift-shift movement adopted in several migration strategies. Other barriers appear along the way, such as security and compliance standards due to the shared responsibility model that must be strictly observed by companies. Now think about all the amount of data available and the places where it could be stored and distributed. Think about the hard work to control and maintain the health of that environment.






Consulting services could be expensive and not exactly inside your business 24 x 7 looking at the problems in real time. Looking at the scenario we decided to take action and create a solution that would democratize Advisory and guide companies of all shapes and sizes through the Cloud Adoption Journey from the inside, analyzing data in real time and giving you the insights you need to take the best decisions every time.


As simple as saying hi.

No tiresome and confusing panels.

Empowering our clients with comprehensive insights!




Able to analyze multi-cloud environment, DAIA is a Chatbot Platform that guides you beyond standard analysis with intelligence based on expert’s recommendations that empower IT operators to perform immediate optimizations. Based on:

– Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU), promotes flexibility into chats;

– Simple chat, giving quick access to comprehensive and predictable insights;

– Combined power of intelligent automation, machine learning & cloud-based technology, giving you digital advantage.

AI’s cognitive and machine learning resources feed on large volumes of data. An artificial intelligence cloud environment learns from the data it collects, predicts, and solves potential problems before they occur. Simply know how and what is in your Cloud ecosystem. Receive daily insights from your own Cloud Analyst Bot and understand what’s most important for you to track today.


OK, but how does it work? 



The process consists in simple steps starting directly through your ChatOps Channels such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or Facebook Messenger.

In the same instance you initiate your chat with DAIA, registering your first Cloud Account it starts to automatically scan your resources and collects data.



Comparing it with built in Cloud Best Practices it brings you powerful insights.